About Us

The On Your Mark Team

Camille Jackson is a former LSU national champion who holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling and a Pupil & Personnel Services credential with years of College & Guidance Counseling experience. She has extensive knowledge in the college application process as well as planning college tours for students; she has successfully planned college tours for students all over the US.

While working with high school students as a counselor within Los Angeles, she found that students were not receiving enough information to help them make well-informed choices. Many students had never visited a college, in particular the college of their choice. Many had even returned home because of the absence of this experience. Students also had difficulties finding colleges that were best suited for their current level of academic maturity.

She wants to fill these holes and branch out and assist students with seeing colleges in person so that they find the school that is their best postsecondary fit. Ms. Jackson will also provide them assistance with the application process in general so that they are fully informed and prepared to sort out their selection criteria.

Kedera McElwee is a credentialed English teacher who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Education, with an emphasis in Africana Studies. She has nearly ten years of experience working with and teaching students in inner-city public schools and has developed relevant and rigorous teaching practices that engage and challenge students throughout the learning process. Her student-centered teaching style is a product of her teaching philosophy, which is built on the belief that all students are important and that they can and must learn to think critically and creatively. 

Ms. McElwee is committed to helping students believe in themselves and their dreams as they work to connect the dots between their academics and aspirations. She believes that travel, even if it is just a few miles away from one’s normal surroundings, is an eye-opening and idea-sparking experience that can help students connect those dots and unlock purpose, passion, ingenuity, and so much more. Consequently, Ms. McElwee is an advocate for college tours because they provide students the opportunity to grow as they venture away from home and other comfort zones to explore college campuses and unfamiliar communities up close and personal in a low-stakes setting. 

Ms. McElwee is thrilled to be part of the On Your Mark team, and hopes that you are ready to get set and go in the direction of your dreams!